Captain Hotel Yanan Road Shanghai 2 stars rating

NO.7, East Yan'an Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai(黄浦区延安东路7号甲(近外滩))

Captain Hotel Yanan Road Shanghai Nearby Attractions

The Bund of Shanghai 0.7km / 1.1miles
Shanghai Expo Building 3.6km / 5.8miles
People's Square 1.5km / 2.4miles
Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall 1.8km / 2.9miles
Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) 10.1km / 16.3miles
Shanghai Pudong International Airport 39.3km / 63.2miles
Lu Jia Zhui 1.4km / 2.3miles
Jing'an Temple 5.5km / 8.9miles
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 19.0km / 30.6miles
Shanghai Everbright Covention & Exhibition Center 12.9km / 20.8miles
Shanghai Railway Station 5.2km / 8.4miles
Shanghai YuYuan 0.6km / 1.0miles
Middle Huaihai Road Commercial Street 5.0km / 8.0miles
Oriental Pearl TV Tower 1.5km / 2.4miles
Xujiahui Shopping Center 9.1km / 14.6miles
Shanghai Mart 12.1km / 19.5miles
Shanghai International Convention Center 1.2km / 1.9miles
Shanghai International Exhibition Center 11.8km / 19.0miles
Zhujiajiao Area 37.4km / 60.2miles
Shanghai International Circuit (F1 Racing) 38.9km / 62.6miles
Shanghai Maritime University 2.8km / 4.5miles
Dalian Road Tunnel 4.5km / 7.2miles
Shanghai Government 2.0km / 3.2miles
Convention site of First Congress of the Chinese Communist Party 2.7km / 4.3miles
Shanghai Metro Line 3(Pearl Line) 5.8km / 9.3miles
Medical Center of Fudan University 7.2km / 11.6miles
Kunshan Park 65.9km / 106.0miles
Putuo District People's Government 11.3km / 18.2miles
Quyang Commercial Centre 5.4km / 8.7miles
CaoJia Du 6.1km / 9.8miles
Longhua Hotel 8.3km / 13.4miles
West Huaihai Road 9.2km / 14.8miles
Westgate Mall Isetan 3.8km / 6.1miles
Cité Bourgogne 5.5km / 8.9miles
Huangxing Park 10.0km / 16.1miles
XinTianDi Bar Area 2.9km / 4.7miles
Xintan Qiao Living Mall 3.4km / 5.5miles
Foreign Embassies and Consulates District 4.1km / 6.6miles
The Longhua Martyrs'Cemetery 10.0km / 16.1miles
Waihuan Hutai Road Overpass 21.1km / 34.0miles
The Waigaoqiao dock 2.4km / 3.9miles
Duolun Famous-culture-person Street 4.1km / 6.6miles
Shanghai Century Park 7.2km / 11.6miles
Baoshan Iron and Steel Group 5.0km / 8.0miles
Zhang Jiang Hitech Park 12.0km / 19.3miles
Longhua Temple 9.8km / 15.8miles
Xupu Bridge 5.4km / 8.7miles
Hengfeng Road Bus Station 4.8km / 7.7miles
Tilan Bridge 4.1km / 6.6miles
Lu Xun Garden 4.5km / 7.2miles
Gaoqiao Gancheng Park 21.4km / 34.4miles
The Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Export 17.0km / 27.4miles
Temple of the City God 0.9km / 1.4miles
Old Treasure Mountain Sites 22.6km / 36.4miles
Shenfeng Jin Highway 9.5km / 15.3miles
Gucun Middle School 21.7km / 34.9miles
Hongkou Football Stadium 5.0km / 8.0miles
Hongqiao Golf Club 14.3km / 23.0miles
The Western Suburbs of Sports Center 13.8km / 22.2miles
Yu Garden 0.4km / 0.6miles
University of Finance and Economics 1387.9km / 2233.3miles
Gold Magnolia Plaza 4.7km / 7.6miles
The Jin Mao Building 1.8km / 2.9miles
No.1 Yaohan New Century Mart 3.1km / 5.0miles
ChangShou Road(New Asia Plaza) 6.2km / 10.0miles
World Expo Garden Pudong 6.4km / 10.3miles
Lingang New City Pudong 74.1km / 119.2miles
Yuanshen Sports Development Center 4.8km / 7.7miles
Gaoqiao YangXian Tang 20.7km / 33.3miles
World Expo Garden Puxi 1.7km / 2.7miles
Qingpu Museum 43.5km / 70.0miles
Long-distance Bus Terminal( Shanghai Railway Station North Plaza) 5.8km / 9.3miles
Shanghai Riverside Forest Park 19.4km / 31.2miles
Jade Buddha Temple 5.5km / 8.9miles
Pearl River Garden 6.6km / 10.6miles
Panyu Cultural Square 9.5km / 15.3miles
Aquatic products wholesale market in Tongchuan Road 10.6km / 17.1miles
Qibao Ancient Town 22.2km / 35.7miles
Shanghai Waigaoqiao free-trade zone 19.4km / 31.2miles
Shanghai Grand Theatre 2.3km / 3.7miles
Shanghai Exhibition Center 4.6km / 7.4miles
Shanghai Normal University 14.4km / 23.2miles
Shanghai Film Center 9.2km / 14.8miles
Xintiandi 2.7km / 4.3miles
Shanghai Botanical Garden 12.1km / 19.5miles
Shanghai Fisheries University 12.0km / 19.3miles
Tomson Golf Club 10.6km / 17.1miles
Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao Industrial Zone 19.0km / 30.6miles
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium 2.1km / 3.4miles
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 24.0km / 38.6miles
Shanghai International Studies University 46.7km / 75.1miles
Shanghai Earthquake Administration 10.1km / 16.3miles
Shanghai Library 7.2km / 11.6miles
Sanjiagang Beach 24.8km / 39.9miles
Shanghai World Expo Center 4.8km / 7.7miles
Shanghai Expo Center 5.1km / 8.2miles
Shanghai Mart 12.1km / 19.5miles
Shanghai Oriental Art Center 6.0km / 9.7miles
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology 16.6km / 26.7miles
Shanghai Book Mall 1.1km / 1.8miles
Shanghai Jiao Tong University 9.1km / 14.6miles
Shanghai Stadium 10.0km / 16.1miles
80000 people's Stadium 10.0km / 16.1miles
Shanghai Zoo 16.8km / 27.0miles
Shanghai Museum 2.0km / 3.2miles
Shanghai Maglev Train Longyang Road Station 9.8km / 15.8miles
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum 6.5km / 10.5miles
Lingqiao Movie Theater 18.5km / 29.8miles
Lingkong Agriculture Showplace 33.9km / 54.5miles
East China Normal University 9.0km / 14.5miles
Chinese Culture Tourism Area 25.2km / 40.5miles
Shanghai South Railway Station 14.1km / 22.7miles
Shanghai Nanpu Bridge 3.5km / 5.6miles
Lupu Bridge 5.4km / 8.7miles
Ancient Bell Garden 43.8km / 70.5miles
Tongren Hospital 6.6km / 10.6miles
Tongji University 8.8km / 14.2miles
Heping Park 4.9km / 7.9miles
Sichuan Commercial Street 4.1km / 6.6miles
Gongqing Forest Park 14.9km / 24.0miles
80000-people Stadium 9.8km / 15.8miles
Renji Hospital 7.6km / 12.2miles
Shanghai Second Medical University 3.9km / 6.3miles
West Railway Station Shanghai 11.8km / 19.0miles
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 8.6km / 13.8miles
Shanghai International Merchandising Exhibition Center 11.0km / 17.7miles
Shanghai Conservatory Of Music 5.7km / 9.2miles
Shanghai Circus World 8.6km / 13.8miles
DongHua University 45.1km / 72.6miles
Shanghai East TV Station 6.2km / 10.0miles
Pudong Cadres College 8.6km / 13.8miles
Zhongshan Hospital 6.6km / 10.6miles
Jiuxing Building Materials Market 18.3km / 29.4miles
Wujiaochang commercial area 9.1km / 14.6miles
Fudan University 7.3km / 11.7miles
Disclaimer: The above data for reference only and does not take urban complexity factors (rivers, tunnels, traffic jams, etc.) into consideration.

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