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Holiday Inn Express Beijing Minzuyuan - Beijing Nearby Attractions

The Imperial Palace 6.9km / 11.1miles
The Summer Palace 12.2km / 19.6miles
Great Wall of China Badaling 75.3km / 121.2miles
Wangfujing Street 8.7km / 14.0miles
National Aquatics Center (Watercube) 1.5km / 2.4miles
The Bird's Nest - Beijing National Stadium 2.1km / 3.4miles
Tian'anmen Square 8.0km / 12.9miles
China World Trade Center 13.9km / 22.4miles
Peking International Airport 28.9km / 46.5miles
China International Exhibition Center 7.2km / 11.6miles
Beijing Railway Station 6.3km / 10.1miles
Silk Market(Xiushui Street) 11.7km / 18.8miles
Beijing West Railway Station 15.3km / 24.6miles
Yuanming Yuan 10.6km / 17.1miles
Lufthansa Shopping Centre 10.3km / 16.6miles
1st Embassy District (Xiu Shui Street) 13.2km / 21.2miles
Beijing Exihibition Centre 8.6km / 13.8miles
sanlitun Pub street 9.9km / 15.9miles
Beijing International Convention Center 2.1km / 3.4miles
Wangfujing 8.8km / 14.2miles
Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park 24.9km / 40.1miles
Beijing South Railway Station 12.0km / 19.3miles
New China International Exhibition Center 24.9km / 40.1miles
Xiangshan Park(Fragrance Hill) 20.6km / 33.1miles
The Ming Tombs 39.0km / 62.8miles
Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park 9.0km / 14.5miles
Temple of Heaven 11.8km / 19.0miles
Beijing Shi Jing Long Ski Resort 96.4km / 155.1miles
Olympic Center 1.8km / 2.9miles
Alba 12.3km / 19.8miles
Sun Gong Qiao 5.0km / 8.0miles
The Temple of Heaven 11.6km / 18.7miles
Airport Shuttle Bus Station 154.2km / 248.1miles
Forestry University 6.9km / 11.1miles
Muxiyuan Trade City 13.1km / 21.1miles
Chaoyang Joy City 18.1km / 29.1miles
Olympic Sports Centre 1.8km / 2.9miles
Zhaoyang Park 12.9km / 20.8miles
Chaolai Nongyiyuan 10.6km / 17.1miles
Olympic Sports Center Stadium( Olympic Stadium) 1.6km / 2.6miles
Wangjing Science and Technology Park 8.2km / 13.2miles
Wangjing Mansion 9.8km / 15.8miles
Olympic Park 4.0km / 6.4miles
Pacific Shopping Centre 11.4km / 18.3miles
LiuYin Park 2.9km / 4.7miles
The Debao International Automobile 18.0km / 29.0miles
Wenyu River 24.6km / 39.6miles
Tsinghua University 8.6km / 13.8miles
Qingliang Valley 101.7km / 163.6miles
Haidian Book Plaza. 9.1km / 14.6miles
Haidian Hospital 7.6km / 12.2miles
Tiantan Hospital 10.7km / 17.2miles
Aquarium 8.5km / 13.7miles
Shahe Experimental School 28.2km / 45.4miles
Tianqiao Bus Terminal 9.9km / 15.9miles
Hanwei Mansion 10.7km / 17.2miles
Tianning Temple 12.9km / 20.8miles
The Forbidden City 7.0km / 11.3miles
Tianqiao Theatre 9.3km / 15.0miles
Aeon Shopping Centre 22.0km / 35.4miles
Yongdingmen Bus Terminal 11.8km / 19.0miles
Yong Ding Men 11.6km / 18.7miles
Holly Golf Club 26.1km / 42.0miles
Temple of Moon 11.2km / 18.0miles
Jingshan Hill 5.9km / 9.5miles
Ming Palace 42.6km / 68.5miles
Beijing Modern Plaza 7.9km / 12.7miles
Jianguomen Bridge 17.1km / 27.5miles
JianGuo Men 11.3km / 18.2miles
Yanqing Bus Station 90.6km / 145.8miles
Kangxi Grassland 93.3km / 150.1miles
Beijing Guangxi Plaza 16.5km / 26.6miles
Guang'An Men Medical Hospital 12.3km / 19.8miles
Beijing Anzhen Hospital 1.7km / 2.7miles
Guang'anmen 12.7km / 20.4miles
Ping'an Avenue 7.8km / 12.6miles
Dragon Lake Park 49.9km / 80.3miles
Anzheng Hualian Business Mansion 1.2km / 1.9miles
The Workers Stadium 10.2km / 16.4miles
Chong Qing Reservoir 48.9km / 78.7miles
Miyun County Government 84.9km / 136.6miles
Ding Hui Temple 16.8km / 27.0miles
Huairou District Bureau of Tourism 59.6km / 95.9miles
An Ding Men Bridge 4.7km / 7.6miles
Huairou Reservoir 56.6km / 91.1miles
Changping Park 39.4km / 63.4miles
Fashio Mansion 8.4km / 13.5miles
The Temple of Sun 15.2km / 24.5miles
FangZhuang 15.9km / 25.6miles
Xinjiekou 5.7km / 9.2miles
The New Fruit Market 21.1km / 34.0miles
New Century Shopping Center ( Changping) 40.4km / 65.0miles
Olympic Park 3.9km / 6.3miles
Beijing New World Shopping Mall 10.8km / 17.4miles
The National Palace Museum 6.8km / 10.9miles
Ladies' Street 12.9km / 20.8miles
Jietai Temple 40.4km / 65.0miles
Gong's garden 4.6km / 7.4miles
Henderson Centre 10.8km / 17.4miles
Huaihua Bus station 59.9km / 96.4miles
Huairou Railway Station 59.6km / 95.9miles
New World Mall(Wangjing Branch) 11.1km / 17.9miles
Xizhimen Bridge 7.5km / 12.1miles
Beijing Financial Street 10.0km / 16.1miles
The Financial Street Commercial District 8.6km / 13.8miles
Chang‘an Market 11.1km / 17.9miles
Changxindian Park 33.2km / 53.4miles
Changyang Ring Island 40.3km / 64.8miles
Fuchengmen 8.9km / 14.3miles
TaoRan Park 10.3km / 16.6miles
Nestle 227.3km / 365.7miles
Riverside Golf Club ( Shunyi District) 23.1km / 37.2miles
Goldenport Motor Park 22.2km / 35.7miles
Saite Shopping Centre 4.0km / 6.4miles
Zhaogongkou Bus Station 12.7km / 20.4miles
The Canal Olympic Park 36.4km / 58.6miles
Tongzhou District Government 33.4km / 53.7miles
Tongzhou Unga Plaza 36.2km / 58.2miles
Department store 6.1km / 9.8miles
Gold Four Seasons Shopping Center 17.0km / 27.4miles
Beijing Jin Hai Lake 112.4km / 180.9miles
Lama Temple (Yonghe Gong) 5.7km / 9.2miles
World Snow Ski Resort 13.2km / 21.2miles
Wuling Mountain Forest Park 11.1km / 17.9miles
Maliandao Tea Street 16.0km / 25.7miles
Wei Gong Cun 9.9km / 15.9miles
Hongxi Golf Course 32.3km / 52.0miles
Huangcun Railway Station 31.4km / 50.5miles
Black Dragon Pool 11.6km / 18.7miles
Longqingxia 95.7km / 154.0miles
Longde Square 11.5km / 18.5miles
Longquan Temple 425.2km / 684.2miles
Ma Liandao 15.4km / 24.8miles
Madian Bridge 2.3km / 3.7miles
Qingnianhu Park 3.6km / 5.8miles
Shunyi Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone 27.2km / 43.8miles
Capital Gymnasium 8.2km / 13.2miles
Capital Gymnasium (Olympic Venues ) 10.1km / 16.3miles
Capital Museum 12.2km / 19.6miles
The Capital Library 17.4km / 28.0miles
The Capital Construction Century Monument 10.5km / 16.9miles
Shougang Hospital 23.2km / 37.3miles
Longtan Lake Park 14.3km / 23.0miles
Hot Spring Leisure City 18.2km / 29.3miles
Gallery Pedestrian Street 24.2km / 38.9miles
White Longtan 119.0km / 191.5miles
Baicheng Mansion Baicheng Shopping Centre 9.7km / 15.6miles
Bailian Qingcheng Shopping Centre 29.7km / 47.8miles
Bairong Store 12.3km / 19.8miles
Yingke Centre 138.1km / 222.2miles
Shijingshan Wanda Plaza 23.8km / 38.3miles
Beijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone 25.9km / 41.7miles
Glass Street Ancient Culture Street 9.1km / 14.6miles
Wangfujing Street 7.8km / 12.6miles
Beijing PanJiaYuan Antique Market 17.1km / 27.5miles
Chaobai River 53.0km / 85.3miles
Yan Huan Art Museum 3.4km / 5.5miles
Beijing Yanjing Brewery 3.5km / 5.6miles
Ericsson Mobile Communications ( Shunyi District) 26.7km / 43.0miles
Niu Street 12.0km / 19.3miles
Zizhuyuan Park 11.5km / 18.5miles
Yuyuantan Park 13.9km / 22.4miles
Li Shui Qiao Park 9.1km / 14.6miles
Sanlitun 9.9km / 15.9miles
Sony Ericsson Headquarters 12.4km / 20.0miles
Lanying International financial center 8.2km / 13.2miles
Apple Garden Middle School ( Shijingshan) 24.1km / 38.8miles
Laitai Flower Market 9.9km / 15.9miles
Beijing Lai Tai Flower Market 227.1km / 365.4miles
Lotus Lake Garden 15.9km / 25.6miles
Xidan Mall 8.8km / 14.2miles
Western Hills Scenic Resort 1952.0km / 3141.0miles
Xifeng Temple 41.8km / 67.3miles
Ying Tung Natatorium 1.9km / 3.1miles
Air Museum 23.4km / 37.7miles
Hongqiao Market 11.6km / 18.7miles
Red Screw Lake Bird Island 61.1km / 98.3miles
Red Scarf Park 14.8km / 23.8miles
Meisong Golf PracticeField 19.5km / 31.4miles
Cui Wei Mansion 15.7km / 25.3miles
Museum of natural history 10.0km / 16.1miles
Space City 23.0km / 37.0miles
Hangtian Bridge 14.0km / 22.5miles
Xihaizi Park 33.2km / 53.4miles
Lize Bus Terminal 18.8km / 30.3miles
Shichahai 4.5km / 7.2miles
Communication University of China West Campus 20.6km / 33.1miles
Baoli Mansion 183.5km / 295.3miles
MII (Ministry of Information Industry) 152.7km / 245.7miles
Xiannongtan Stadium 11.0km / 17.7miles
National Agricultral exhibition 11.2km / 18.0miles
Bawangfen Bus Station 16.4km / 26.4miles
Badaling Ski Resort 81.0km / 130.3miles
Yi Ke Long Plaza 17.0km / 27.4miles
People's University 8.1km / 13.0miles
Jingmeng Mansion 16.8km / 27.0miles
Jiu Long Store 11.4km / 18.3miles
Jiuhua Resort and Convention Center 21.7km / 34.9miles
Wudaokou Shopping Center 7.2km / 11.6miles
Asian Games Village 3.2km / 5.1miles
Chizhuang Bridge 25.8km / 41.5miles
Jingxin Mansion 8.9km / 14.3miles
Jingguang Centre 12.9km / 20.8miles
Jingjintang Expressway 154.2km / 248.1miles
Baliqiao Market 29.9km / 48.1miles
Public Security Universities 23.0km / 37.0miles
Beijing Friendship Hospital 8.5km / 13.7miles
Beijing Guomao Exhibition Center 12.2km / 19.6miles
China World Trade Center,Beijing 16.5km / 26.6miles
Beijing Foreign Studies University 10.3km / 16.6miles
Peking University 9.3km / 15.0miles
Beijing Planetarium 9.5km / 15.3miles
Beijing Olympic Tennis Courts 6.3km / 10.1miles
Beijing Shooting Range Clay Target Field 9.2km / 14.8miles
Beijing North Railway Station 7.1km / 11.4miles
Beijing Radio Station 12.3km / 19.8miles
Beijing Rural Horse Racing Field 45.8km / 73.7miles
Gongyixiqiao Station 16.3km / 26.2miles
Liuliqiao Bus Station 17.3km / 27.8miles
Xinglong Park 19.5km / 31.4miles
Military Museum 13.6km / 21.9miles
Agricultural Exhibition Centre 10.2km / 16.4miles
Qianmen 8.7km / 14.0miles
Qianmen Area 9.3km / 15.0miles
Beijing East Railway Station 16.9km / 27.2miles
Beijing Shooting Range Hall 21.3km / 34.3miles
304 Hospital 13.7km / 22.0miles
East Gate Plaza 8.8km / 14.2miles
Dongzhimen Bridge 8.2km / 13.2miles
Zhongguancun Book Building 9.2km / 14.8miles
The China Millennium Monument 13.8km / 22.2miles
China Women's University 6.6km / 10.6miles
China Nationalities Museum 0.5km / 0.8miles
Renmin University of China 8.0km / 12.9miles
The high school attached to Communication University of China ( Daxing) 27.1km / 43.6miles
Oriental Plaza 9.0km / 14.5miles
Dong San Qi 13.3km / 21.4miles
Beijing World Park 27.1km / 43.6miles
798 Art Factory 11.6km / 18.7miles
SOHO New Town 15.6km / 25.1miles
T1 Air Terminal 10.7km / 17.2miles
T2 Air Terminal 31.4km / 50.5miles
T3 Air Terminal 8.6km / 13.8miles
Sanyuan Bridge 9.6km / 15.4miles
The Three Mile River 11.8km / 19.0miles
Shangdi Science and Technology Park 9.0km / 14.5miles
China Agriculture Exhibition Hall 11.1km / 17.9miles
China International Travel Service ( Anli Road) 4.0km / 6.4miles
China Youth University for Political Sciences 10.2km / 16.4miles
Chinese Conservatory of Music 2.5km / 4.0miles
CCTV 13.5km / 21.7miles
CCTV Tower 14.4km / 23.2miles
China Central Academy of Fine Arts 8.0km / 12.9miles
Central University of Finance and Economics 6.6km / 10.6miles
Fengtai Sports Centre 22.5km / 36.2miles
Fengtai Sports Center 22.3km / 35.9miles
The National Art Museum of China 6.3km / 10.1miles
National Art Museum of China 19.7km / 31.7miles
Chinese Academy of Sciences 21.6km / 34.8miles
China International Exhibition Centre New Pavilion 25.8km / 41.5miles
China World Trade Center 13.7km / 22.0miles
China University of Geosciences 5.5km / 8.9miles
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) 35.2km / 56.6miles
China University of Political Science and Law 5.1km / 8.2miles
China Qiyuan 247.9km / 398.9miles
China Meterological Administration 10.1km / 16.3miles
China Science and Technology Museum 1.2km / 1.9miles
Feng Lian Plaza 9.7km / 15.6miles
Tongren Hospital 9.2km / 14.8miles
National Personnel Bureau 10.3km / 16.6miles
National Development and Reform 11.5km / 18.5miles
National Library of China 10.4km / 16.7miles
State Seismology Bureau 203.4km / 327.3miles
Beijing National Grand Theater 7.6km / 12.2miles
National New Media Industry site-xingguang film & tv park 26.1km / 42.0miles
Ministry of Water Resources 14.7km / 23.7miles
National Aquatics Center 2.0km / 3.2miles
General Administration of Sport of China 13.4km / 21.6miles
China National Convention Center 2.1km / 3.4miles
Peking Opera 6.5km / 10.5miles
Houhai Park 3.1km / 5.0miles
Beijing Grand Pacific Mall 8.5km / 13.7miles
Hepingli 5.5km / 8.9miles
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant(He Ping Men) 8.5km / 13.7miles
Siyuan Bridge 8.3km / 13.4miles
Sihai Water Park 24.6km / 39.6miles
Tuanjie Lake 12.1km / 19.5miles
The Guozijian (Imperial College) 5.6km / 9.0miles
NBS(National Bureau of Statistics) 9.4km / 15.1miles
International Culture Park 25.0km / 40.2miles
Metro Line 4 ( Old Summer Palace Station ) 11.4km / 18.3miles
Fuxin Business Area 15.3km / 24.6miles
Fuxingmen 10.5km / 16.9miles
Xiadou Park 89.2km / 143.5miles
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 161.9km / 260.5miles
Daxing Biological Medicine Base 35.5km / 57.1miles
JOY CITY 8.6km / 13.8miles
Dahongmen International Convention and Exhibition Center 13.6km / 21.9miles
Line 15 Wangjing Railway Station 12.5km / 20.1miles
Subway Line 15 Houshayu Station 5.2km / 8.4miles
Line 10 (Mudan Yuan Station) 1.9km / 3.1miles
ICC (International Convention Center) 12.4km / 20.0miles
China International Science and Technology Convention Center 1.3km / 2.1miles
Old Summer Palace 10.9km / 17.5miles
Temple of Earth 5.1km / 8.2miles
Ditan Park 3.8km / 6.1miles
Geological Museum of China 7.5km / 12.1miles
China University of Geosciences 29.3km / 47.1miles
Line 10 Bagou Station 10.2km / 16.4miles
Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden) 14.3km / 23.0miles
Beijing University of Technology 19.5km / 31.4miles
Beijing Union University 7.4km / 11.9miles
Beijing Dance Academy 10.2km / 16.4miles
Beijing Aerospace Museum 19.3km / 31.1miles
Beijing Aerospace General Hospital 37.2km / 59.9miles
Western Railway Station 16.3km / 26.2miles
Beijing Language & Culture University 6.3km / 10.1miles
Beijing Wildlife Park 54.5km / 87.7miles
Peking university Hospital 6.0km / 9.7miles
University of Science and Technology Beijing 4.1km / 6.6miles
China University of Mining and Technology 5.6km / 9.0miles
Beijing TV Station 14.9km / 24.0miles
Beijing Supply and marketing school 21.5km / 34.6miles
Beijing Municipal Archives 14.7km / 23.7miles
BNU(Beijing Normal University) 4.4km / 7.1miles
BJFU(Beijing Forestry University) 7.0km / 11.3miles
Beijing Botanical Garden 20.5km / 33.0miles
Beijing Aquarium 8.3km / 13.4miles
Beijing Amusement Park 14.4km / 23.2miles
Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium 9.1km / 14.6miles
Northern Jiaotong University 8.0km / 12.9miles
North China University of Technology 22.9km / 36.8miles
Nanyuan Airport 19.1km / 30.7miles
Nan Luo Gu Xiang 5.4km / 8.7miles
Lugou Bridge 29.2km / 47.0miles
Sleeping Buddha Temple 21.0km / 33.8miles
ShuangAn Market 7.8km / 12.6miles
Old Observatory 11.0km / 17.7miles
Youanmen 15.1km / 24.3miles
Tong Ren Hospital 9.8km / 15.8miles
Nanhua Park 7.5km / 12.1miles
Nanshan Skiing Field 83.1km / 133.7miles
Hualian Department Store(Guang‘an Men Branch 13.7km / 22.0miles
Beihai Park 5.4km / 8.7miles
North Gate of Beihai Park 1.7km / 2.7miles
Beijiao Bus Terminal 1.2km / 1.9miles
Ming Tombs Reservoir (Changping District) 38.7km / 62.3miles
Shidu Scenic Resort 113.9km / 183.3miles
Shilihe Furniture Square 8.6km / 13.8miles
Shili River Home Furnishing Building Materials Business Street 17.9km / 28.8miles
Hua Wei Bridge 18.4km / 29.6miles
Tongren Hospital Development Zone Branch ( Daxing) 32.8km / 52.8miles
Disclaimer: The above data for reference only and does not take urban complexity factors (rivers, tunnels, traffic jams, etc.) into consideration.

Holiday Inn Express Beijing Minzuyuan - Beijing Map and Nearby Hotels

Holiday Inn Express Beijing Minzuyuan - Beijing Nearby hotels

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