An De Fu Hotel Wuxi 3 stars rating

NO.999, Fengxiang Road, Wuxi(无锡市北塘区北大门凤翔路999号)

An De Fu Hotel Wuxi Nearby Attractions

Wuxi Shuofang Airport 26.6km / 42.8miles
Railway Station 4.7km / 7.6miles
Bus Terminal 4.3km / 6.9miles
Turtle Head Isle 14.0km / 22.5miles
Plum Garden 11.6km / 18.7miles
Nachanshi Cultural Pedestrian Street 7.1km / 11.4miles
Lingshan Buddha 36.1km / 58.1miles
Taihu Lake Scenic Area 20.3km / 32.7miles
Shopping Mall Street on Zhongshan Road 5.5km / 8.9miles
Wu Ai Square 4.6km / 7.4miles
Water Margin City of Wuxi 17.0km / 27.4miles
Three City of Wuxi 18.4km / 29.6miles
Liyuan Garden 11.6km / 18.7miles
Xihui Park 4.1km / 6.6miles
Tangcheng of Wuxi 14.0km / 22.5miles
European city 11.3km / 18.2miles
Wuxi Merchants City 9.2km / 14.8miles
Disclaimer: The above data for reference only and does not take urban complexity factors (rivers, tunnels, traffic jams, etc.) into consideration.

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