Dragon Hotel Hangzhou 5 stars rating

NO.120 Shuguang Road, Hangzhou(杭州市西湖区曙光路120号(杭大路口))

Dragon Hotel Hangzhou Nearby Attractions

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 32.3km / 52.0miles
Hangzhou East Bus Station 7.9km / 12.7miles
Hangzhou Railway Station 6.1km / 9.8miles
Hangzhou East Bus Station 7.2km / 11.6miles
International Trade Exhibition Center 0.6km / 1.0miles
West Lake Hangzhou 2.6km / 4.2miles
WuLin square 2.3km / 3.7miles
Lingyin Temple 6.2km / 10.0miles
Six Harmonies Pagoda 6.4km / 10.3miles
Hubin Walking Street 2.9km / 4.7miles
Peace International Convention & Exhibition Center 5.7km / 9.2miles
Chenghuang Temple 5.2km / 8.4miles
Wulin Road 1.7km / 2.7miles
Hangzhou Sijiqing Dress Market 7.2km / 11.6miles
Lane Crawford 2.3km / 3.7miles
Radio and TV Centre of Zhejiang Province 4.5km / 7.2miles
Haiwaihai International Convention & Exhibition Centre 4.4km / 7.1miles
Nanshan Road 3.5km / 5.6miles
Baima Lake 16.8km / 27.0miles
Yintai Department Store 2.2km / 3.5miles
Zhejiang Daily 3.5km / 5.6miles
Zhejiang University-XiXi Campus 1.1km / 1.8miles
Zhejiang University-YuQuan Campus 2.3km / 3.7miles
Wushan Square 6.3km / 10.1miles
Botanical Garden 3.0km / 4.8miles
Hangzhou JieBai Shopping Mall 4.3km / 6.9miles
Hangzhou Theater 2.3km / 3.7miles
Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center 2.4km / 3.9miles
Song Dynasty Town 14.3km / 23.0miles
Peak Flown From Afar 7.3km / 11.7miles
Disclaimer: The above data for reference only and does not take urban complexity factors (rivers, tunnels, traffic jams, etc.) into consideration.

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