Guan Zhi22 Villa Motel Ningbo 5 stars rating

No.22, Xinhui Road, High-tech Zone, Ningbo(宁波市高新区新晖路22号(与世纪大道交叉口))

Guan Zhi22 Villa Motel Ningbo Nearby Attractions

Ningbo Leshe International Airport 20.7km / 33.3miles
Ningbo South Bus Stantion(Ningbo Railway Station) 9.3km / 15.0miles
Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center 1.5km / 2.4miles
Cheng Huang Temple 7.6km / 12.2miles
Baoguo Temple 17.0km / 27.4miles
Yin Tai Shopping Mall 12.0km / 19.3miles
Tian Yi Plaza 7.0km / 11.3miles
Shipu Fishing Harbor 101.7km / 163.6miles
Tianyi Pavilion 8.2km / 13.2miles
Nanxi Hot Springs 78.6km / 126.5miles
Tianhe Scenic Area 99.7km / 160.4miles
Disclaimer: The above data for reference only and does not take urban complexity factors (rivers, tunnels, traffic jams, etc.) into consideration.

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